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ML600Y-GP high distribution paper tray machine

Date : 2023/10/19

Product Description:
ML600Y Full Atomatic Paper Plate Machine is developed and designed according to market demands.ML600Y It is pneumatic automatic paper dish forming machine with owned unique illtellectual property right, which has functions as automatic paper feeding, forming, dish ejecting, temperature constant controlling etc., so ML600Y is the ideal equipment to produce various specifications of paper plates,such as, circular paper plates, square shaped paper plates and other shaped plates.
Compared with traditional automatic paper plate machine, ZDJ-ML600 combines pneumatic principle with hydraulic machine,  and has higher production speed, more stable performance, safe operation, more humanized structure design , etc.
ML600Y adopts the fast oil pressure system, the maximum pressure can reach 5T.It has the advantages of faster, more environmental protection and energy saving compared with the common cylinder.
ML600Y is widely used in productions which use original papers or aluminum foils as raw materials.

ML600Y advantages compared with the same products:
1 independent research and development, the latest products
2 using the fast oil pressure system, each station is 15 - 20 minutes faster than ordinary machine
3 paper feeding machine work, stable performance. Compared to the ordinary type of paper cutting technology, rejection rate greatly reduced to 2/10000
4 more humane, comes with a number of efficient disk machine, automatic number plate stack and other functions, compared to ordinary machines can save 1 and a half of the manual
5 directly with packaging machine (tray packaging film), labeling (labels packaged). Suitable for flow-shop.
6 automatic production of all kinds of product specifications, rate of finishing products is100%, solving the problems which ordinary machine can not complete.
7 hydraulic oil recycling, reduce emission pollution, low noise

Technical Parameter:
Diameter of Paper Dish:4-12inch (mould replacement)
Capacity:Single station55-70Pcs/min ;doublr station110-140Pcs/min
Power Source:380V 50HZ
Total Power:7KW
Raw Material:100-1000g/m2(original paper, white paperboard, white cardboard, aluminum foil or others)
Air Source:Working pressure0.4Mpa    Working air volume 0.3m3/min

Main technical parameters of oil cylinder:
Flow: 0.3 m3 / min
Oil pressure: Mpa 0.3-0.6
Cylinder stroke: 125 mm

Other notes: we can customize paper plate machines with different specifications according to the customer’s requests

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