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ML-660 energy-saving hydraulic paper tray machine

Date : 2023/10/19


ML-660 paper plate machine is a new type of paper plate production machine developed by Bright Machinery in October 2022. The principle of hydraulic forming is adopted for mold forming, and the function of motor is used to push out the plate after forming, making the product discharge more stable. Upgrade and improve on the original 600 machine,

Save 4 KWH of electricity per hour. It also adds automatic paper feeding function to reduce manual labor.

Main technical parameters:

Main technical parameters

Plate size

Paper diameter 360mm

Gram weight of paper

180-800 g/m2

Paper material

Base paper, whiteboard, cardboard, aluminum foil or other

Production rate

Double station 60-130 PCS/min


380V 50HZ

Gross power

Rated power 8KW Actual 5.5KW

Machine weight


Overall dimension

482 1400× 2000mm Includes the length of the paper holder

Matching air source requirements

The working pressure is 0.4Mpa, and the working gas volume is 0.1m3 / min

Other remarks


Cylinder main technical parameters





Contrast type 600

1. Adopt the latest research and development of energy-saving hydraulic press, reduce 4KW per hour on the original basis.

2. After forming, the paper plate uses the motor to push out, does not use air blowing, and collects points more stable.

3. The points are delivered by motor instead of cylinder push plate to solve the chuck problem.

4. The conveyor belt is lengthened and can stay on the paper plate to solve the problem of assembly line congestion.

5.ML-660 adds an automatic paper feeding function, which can reduce the work without adding paper for a long time

The working frequency of people can operate more molding equipment.

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